Between the Andes and the rainforest

Yungas. Bolivia
Yungas. Bolivia

Yungas offers some of the most spectacular scenery in Bolivia.

It's the transitional zone between the Andes highlands and the eastern forests, the cool, dry climate of La Paz and the steamy rainforest of the Bolivian Amazon.

Coroico is capital of the North Yungas, department of La Paz, around two hours driving from Bolivia's capital.

The favorite summer/weekend retreat for paceños - natives of La Paz - Coroico is the ideal retreat for travellers as well, the place to rest after experimenting the harshness of Peru and Bolivia's Altiplano.

Its warm weather, tropical surroundings, relaxing atmosphere and oxygen-rich air will also be the perfect transition if you want to continue to Rurrenabaque (about 15 hours) and the Amazon rainforest.

The name Yungas comes from the Aymara word meaning "warm lands" and runs along the eastern slopes of the Andes mountains of southern Peru to central Bolivia.

This humid, sub-tropical region is home to the biggest mountain biking adventure in Bolivia: the 64 km dirt road descent from La Cumbre to Coroico through the old Yungas road. Also known as death road or camino de la muerte, it's been labelled "the world's most dangerous road" by the Inter American Developing Bank

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You will descend over 3,600 meters pedalling through cloud forests, water falls and Amazonian jungle and return to La Paz using the new, paved highway inaugurated in 2006.

How to Get There:

There are daily minibuses from La Paz (around 2 hours ride). A more comfortable option is to hire a private taxi - price will be in the order of 300 Bolivars.

There is another, more interesting alternative to reach the Yungas in two or three days, hiking the Choro trek or using the Eco-via trail.

Once in Coroico you may choose to continue to Rurrenabaque and Madidi National Park. There are daily buses and it takes around 15 hours.

Where to Stay:

Book your hotel in Coroico and Rurrenabaque.

Book budget accommodation in Rurrenabaque.


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