World Soccer Cup: Argentina

by Sean Murphy

What's Argentina's chance of winning the world cup?
Yours sincerely Sean Murphy, Ireland

I wish I would have an answer for that Sean!

Being Argentinian born myself I'm sure you know where my heart is.

To add a bit more spice to this 2010 World Soccer Cup, I'd love to see Argentina vs England in the final and to have Lionel Messi recreating the "Hand of God" Diego Maradona did so successfully back in 1986, to the delight of the Brits.

True!...that was cheating soccer ways, but how about what he did a few minutes later?..

Wasn't it superb?..

It was actually voted as the goal of the century in 2002!..

Nothing personal though, as the ad says: we are rivals for 90 minutes, but friends forever.

Ireland recently experienced something similar against France - through Henry- but it wasn't the same magic.

Where are you Zidane my friend?.. I miss you dearly.

Bottom line is Sean, I'd love to see geniality in action, even if not written in the FIFA books!

So, who is going to win the 2010 World Soccer Cup?...

What's your favourite Sean?..

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Jun 08, 2010
Good info
by: Australian Visa

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