Weather in Argentina..

Do you plan to travel to Argentina over the next few days?..

If so, check the weather in Argentina to help you pack accordingly and not to get overloaded with stuff you are unlikely to wear.
What you see on the chart is the weather forecast for Buenos Aires, most likely to be your port of arrival coming from abroad.

For a complete forecast about weather in Argentina visit the National Weather Service (Servicio Meteorológico Nacional).

It's updated twice daily and temperatures are provided in degrees Celsius.
If not familiar with this temperature scale, widely used throughout South America, see the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion chart

However, depending on which parts of the country you intent to travel to, the range in temperature during any season is vast and varied to say the least.

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Being such an extended country - Argentina is South America's second largest after Brazil - its climate spans from the sub-tropical weather in the northeast, neighboring Brazil and Paraguay, to the cold climate and heavy snowfall in the Andean range of southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

Secondly, for its location in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere, conforming the opposite pattern..
Spring: September to November
Summer: December to March
Autumn: April to June
Winter: June to September

So if you need a break from cold and snowy Christmas in London or New York, head off to Argentina armed with sunblock, some T-shirts and shorts.
Not a bad way to spend your Argentina vacations!..

By the way, Buenos Aires weather can get awfully hot and humid during summer months.

I know it only too well because every time I land at Ezeiza airport in December or January, have the feeling I'm going to melt down on the spot!

If you could, skip your visit until autumn and travel to Patagonia instead, or head off to the beaches on the Atlantic coast, like Mar del Plata or Pinamar, just like about every Porteño does.

Keeping weather in mind, the best time to travel depends on the region being visited.

Time in Argentina:

If you plan a trip to Iguazu falls or the northern cities like Salta, Jujuy or Santiago del Estero, leave it for the cooler months. Besides, due to rain, the falls are far more impressive during winter months.

Patagonia, on the other hand, is best visited in summer months, wih long days and generally pleasant and warm weather throughout.
However, if you plan to do some trekking high up in the Andes, pack as well for rainy and cold days, as weather conditions can change rapidly there.

Furthermore, you could experience the four seasons in a single day!

Weather in Argentina is as varied as its terrain.
By knowing where and when to go you can have both, a superb Argentina vacation and the most unique South America travel experience in your life...

Check current weather in Argentina.
Please note the website is in Spanish and temperatures are given in Celsius degrees. For a quick conversion table please visit Celsius to Fahrenheit.


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