Volunteer South America

It was around four in the morning when I arrived in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
I couldn't quite find the right address and, after spending 6 hours between flights and 10 in a bus from Santa Cruz, I was quite tired and nervous.

With a ring to Sustainable Bolivia's Executive Director, my friend and I got picked up in the square where we were lost and got to the house in which we were staying for the next two weeks.

After a good night sleep, I found out I was staying in a lovely home, with other volunteers from all around the globe.

It was essential to count with the support of these friends, who taught me how to get around and took me out for local restaurants and bars.

My work experience was also fantastic. I volunteered at an orphanage, with about 70 children every days asking for some attention, care and fun.
It was truly rewarding and exciting, never dull and unexpectedly life-changing.

The orphanages' parents are also amazing people, with whom I was lucky to have long conversations and exchange ideas.
They were caring and respectful, very sweet and hard working.

However, it was pretty clear to me that all these was the product of much organization and work from SB, an institution that carefully placed my friend and I in the right program, looked after us while we were still a bit lost in the city and helped us whenever we needed.

It was a wonderful time that changed the rest of my trip.

I felt like home in Cochabamba, Bolivia with Sustainable Bolivia, and was able to keep on traveling with much more energy and knowledge.

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