Venezuela from Space...
Flying over this amazing South America

In Venezuela from Space we will finish the South America from Space serie and visit Merida, Caracas (Venezuela's capital), Maiquetia and different places in the Caribbean such as Los Roques, Tortuga and Margarita islands.
We will also visit the Orinoco, one of the longest rivers in South America, home to the Boto or Amazon pink river dolphin , also found in the Amazon river.

Two important Venezuelan cities are located on its shores: Ciudad Bolivar and Ciudad Guayana (where Orinoco joins the Caroní river), roughly 500 km apart.

Cuidad Guayana, also known as Santo Tomé de Guayana, was recently founded -1961- by merging two towns on both riversides of the Orinoco: San Felix and Puerto Ordaz.
With a radious of around 100km (160 miles), it's a port complex and a massive commercial and industrial area in Venezuela.

Enjoy Venezuela from Space!...

South America from Space:
Venezuela from Space

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