Valdes Peninsula...
Amazing wildlife in Argentina's Patagonia

Ultimo Sole Valdes Peninsula.
Ultimo Sole by David

Valdes península is located along the Atlantic coast in Chubut province, Patagonia, half way between Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego.

It goes into the sea forming two gulfs of quiet waters, with steep cliffs, jugged rocks and teeming with marine and land mammals.

It's one of the largest mating grounds in the world. What you will see there is simply amazing...

Some of them are pretty well known. Rayito, Cebra and Espuma are frequent visitors and Franca, of course, the most famous citizen of Puerto Piramides.

She was appointed to be the ambassador of her species, it has had eight registered calves and has come every year since 1971.
Provably the most filmed and photographed whale in the world.

Magellanic Penguin. Valdes Peninsula.
Magellanic Penguin by David

Valdes peninsula is a feast to the eyes and a paradise for nature enthusiasts and sport lovers...

Puerto Madryn (Puerto Madrin) is the gateway to the peninsula, it has a deep water port, cruise ship port and its own airport.
This is the best place to establish your base camp while exploring the area.

Please do not miss the city of Gaiman, not far from there, a Welsh colony famous for its tea houses and Welsh pastries. Every July 28th., they commemorate the Landing Day, when the first settlers arrived to Patagonia in 1865.

So, when you come to Argentina's Patagonia, Valdes Peninsula is a must-do destination, and the perfect complement to the beauty you'll find by the Andean range.

A unique experience like no other...

How to Get There:

Trelew airport (65 km. away from Puerto Madrin) is where most visitors arrive. However, Puerto Madrin has its own airport.
Aerolineas Argentinas, Lade and Southern Winds will take you there. Please visit Argentina airports for more info on airports and airlines.

You also have a long distance bus to/from Buenos Aires - Retiro Bus Station - as well as to other important cities in Patagonia.

Where to Stay:

Here the lodging options in the cities you're likely to stay...
Find and compare best hotel rates in Puerto Madrin and Puerto Pirámides.

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