Uruguay Tourist Attractions...

Which ones would You recommend?...

Even though small in size, Uruguay has wealth of beautiful, interesting, historical and meaningful tourist attractions of its own.

Have you ever traveled to South America and visited the most popular or lesser known Uruguay tourist attractions?

Candombe drums. Montevideo, Uruguay

Was it the candombe drums and rhythm of Montevideo that strike you as the best or the enchanting colonial architecture style of Colonia del Sacramento?...

Or it was the cosmopolitan Punta del Este and its beaches that impressed you the most?

Do you have one attraction in particular you would like to recommend to other travelers...a must-see that you believe every visitor to Uruguy should see?

If so, please take a moment and tell us about it by using the form below. Then scroll down to see attractions other visitors have recommended.

You may just discover some Uruguay tourist attractions you will want to visit on your next South America vacation..

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