Unique Chile Travel Experience

by Lara Kintrup
(Santiago, Chile )

Getting to know a country how it really is could be difficult at times, but in Chile I have found an excellent tour operator called "Slow Travel".

I visited beautiful vineyards and had the chance to taste the best vintage wines with explanation by the owner himself.

We also made a cultural expedition, visited artists and learned to make cheese in the traditional way.
Later on we explored the impressive National Park La Campana.

If you are looking for personalized travelling, to discover Chile away from main stream tourism, Slow Travel is a great way to do it.
They don´t "guide" you, they show you the land and people interactively.

You can also make cooking-workshops of traditional dishes after visiting Santiago's markets. They develop a custom trip for you, just the way you like it.

Visit their website at www.slowtravel.cl and have the best Chile travel experience ever.

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