Traveller Health...
Remain happy and healthy while on the road

"He, who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything."
Arab Proverb

Traveller health is the key for a superb South America vacation!...

Successful traveling is healthy traveling, and easy to achieve with a bit of planning beforehand, by watching closely your eating and drinking habits while on the road, and by recognizing the early warnings signs of your body in front of a potential problem.

Above all, holidays are to be enjoyed whether you are looking for fun, relaxation, action or adventure, so please do your homework first and then you can have all the pudding.

Tips for Healthy Travel:

For a more complete research and traveller health advice, please visit the following sites...

Visa requirements and traveller health advice for UK nationals is found at Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.
For other countries please click here.

Money matters:
For exchange rates and currency converter, please check with Oanda or Xe.

Have a HEALTHY South America vacation!...


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