Tourist Attractions in Peru...

There are so many beautiful, interesting, historical, and meaningful tourist attractions in Peru that it would require an entire book just to mention them.

Wouldn't you agree?

From the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to the incredible treks on the mountainsides of the Andes, Peru has a wealth of exciting attractions just waiting to be experienced.

Sacsayhuaman fortress. Cuzco, Peru
Sacsayhuaman Fortress (Cuzco)

So vast is the number of Peru attractions that it would take much more than a single visit to cover them all, and this also applies to its festivities and celebrations.

The number of popular celebrations taking place annually is absolutely overwhelming - over 3,000 - making Peru culture one of the richest in South America, side by side with its nature and archaeological treasures.

A good example of this is the Inti Raymi in Cuzco, dating back to the days of the Inca civilization. Every June 24th thousands of international visitors travel to Peru to witness the Apu Inti (Sun god) celebration, one of the biggest tourist attractions in South America.

And how about the countless number of lesser known - but not less relevant - sights of

Have you traveled to South America and visited one of Peru's popular or lesser known attractions?...perhaps you've reached Kuelap, or the stone forest of Markawasi?..

Did you make it to the jungle-town of Iquitos or navigated the Amazon river towards Leticia (Colombia) or Tabatinga (Brazil)?

What did you do in Peru?

Do you have one attraction in particular you would recommend... a must-see that you believe every visitor to Peru should see?

If so, please take a moment and tell us about it by using the form below. Then scroll down to see attractions other visitors have recommended, or introduce other travelers to the pearls of discovery of your own.

You may just discover tourist attractions in Peru you'll want to visit on your next trip to South America.

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