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There are so many beautiful, interesting, historical, and meaningful tourist attractions in Argentina. From the astonishing Iguazu (Iguassu) falls to the incredible treks in El Chalten area or Mount Fitz Roy - Glaciers National Park - Argentina has a wealth of exciting attractions just waiting to be experienced.

We have indeed compiled our personal list of attractions in Argentina. Please let as know what do you think about them.

Granted, to visit them all on a single holiday it may demand too much of your time, or budget. Being the second largest country in South America, distances play an important role at the time to choose your itinerary.

However, if you plan a second or third visit, you can target regions rather than single attractions and thus, saving time and money.
Please give yourself more time than expected if planning to visit Buenos Aires. One week would be the absolute minimum, and you'd provably be allocating more as soon as you get the taste of it.

Iguazu falls. Argentina
Iguazu Falls. Argentina

Have you traveled to South America and visited one of Argentina's popular or lesser known attractions?..

Perhaps you've reached Ushuaia, in the southernmost tip of the continent, or went whale watching at Valdez peninsula?..

Do you have a top tourist attraction you would recommend to other travelers... a must see that you believe every visitor to Argentina should see?

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You may just discover tourist attractions in Argentina you'll want to visit on your next trip to South America.

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