One of the most popular Rainforest birds

Among all Amazon rainforest animals, toucan is one of the most well known - one of the loudest as well - its call can be heard up to half a mile away. They are found from Central America to Eastern Argentina but is in the Amazon rainforest where they reach the highest species diversity.

A rainforest icon, it's easily recognizable by its long, colorful beak that can reach up to7-8 inches 19 cm) long, but very light as the inside is very hollow (composed by keratin), and a colour range that goes from yellow-orange to reddish-orange.

Toucan. Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
Toucan. Amazon Rainforest - © Grafissimo/Istockphoto

It has striking plumage, black body and white neck and chest with some blue around the eyes. Its tongue is flat and nearly as long as the beak.

It has a lifespan of around twenty years and can grow up to 25 inches (64 cm) long, living in flocks of 5 to 6 birds high up in the canopy of the Amazon rainforest.

As woodpeckers, nest in the tree cavities and eats mainly fruits, nuts and berries, but also insects and small lizards.

During mating season, partners would play catch by tossing berries from one to another with their beaks.

A very popular Amazon rainforest bird, it's used as commercial icon (Ireland's Guinness being one of them) and a cereal brand. It's also very adaptable to human environment and can often be seen as pet. To Amazon indian natives they are perceived under a more sacred eye, the conduit between men and spirits.

Out of the forty or so species, there are three species endangered and one threatened. Amazon rainforest deforestation (habitat destruction) is a common threat to all Amazon rainforest animals and plants for that matter.


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