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Amazon river regional boat.
Amazon (Regional) River Boat. © Brasil2/Istockphoto

River cruising offers travelers a relaxing trip along many of the world's most picturesque rivers.

If you have ever wanted see the world's most beautiful cities, drift gently through the countryside, visit local castles, markets, vineyards or museums and wander through scenic rural regions, a river cruise is for you!

River cruises are experiencing a surge of interest around the globe. There are fascinating waterways all over the world and there is a unique river cruise which highlights the spectacular sights of each region.

The Amazon is South America's greatest river and one of the top river cruise destinations. Its promise of ecological riches like mammoth Victoria Regia water lilies, pink dolphins and capuchin monkeys has long lured veteran travelers and adventurers alike.

Passengers can experience the wonders of the Amazon like fishing for piranha and trekking through the jungle and will come into contact with some of the most fascinating species of plants and exotic animals in the world.

Egypt is a land of superlatives. It boasts the largest and most ancient temples in the world; the grandest, most inspiring pyramids and the most rare and priceless treasures of the Pharaohs. The awesome sights of ancient Egypt, one of the world“s oldest civilizations, are on every traveler's must-see lit as few places in the world inspire more fascination and curiosity.

Flowing through the country“s desert, the great Nile River has supported large populations along its lush, fertile banks since the beginning of time and things you've only seen in books will come to life as you cruise along its waters.

Nile River Boat
Old Fashioned River Boat on the Nile. Egypt. © Susanna F. Naranjo/Istockphoto

Cruising along the Seine allows European travelers to see the landscapes and villages that inspired the great impressionist painters of the 19th and 20th centuries.

And cruising through Paris, in particular, will highlight the monuments, churches, and buildings that are so familiar from film and photographs.

As travelers continue their journey along the Seine, through the heartland of France, they can appreciate the beautiful landscapes that enchanted Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, and Cezanne.

Similarly, setting sail on the well traveled "Blue Danube" will confirm to travelers why the river inspired one of Johann Strauss' Viennese waltzes. Used for centuries as a route between eastern and central Europe, the river stretches from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

Travelers on the Danube should keep their eyes on the banks where castles, vineyards and modern cities compose the ever- changing river scenery.

The treasures of China can be discovered on a cruise along the Yangtze River, a river lifeline that has long served to interweave the lives and legends of the Chinese people.

For centuries, the Yangtze has been China's main thoroughfare for commerce and culture and the river valley is home to breathtaking gorges, remarkable canyons and bamboo groves.

The Yangtze will take you from the modern China into the countryside where the locals still have traditional beliefs and practices and, along its narrow passages, lie some of China's greatest cultural treasures including ancient tombs, shrines and walls dating back to before the time of Christ.

It is said that travelers looking to know the soul of a region don't need to look any further than the waters of its river. Leaving the over-the-top megaships out at sea, more and more travelers are opting to cruise the meandering waterways aboard small ships discovering that every river bend reveals something new and exciting to see.

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