Surfing in Brazil...
Riding South America's best waves

Have to admit that surfing is not my thing. Whether surfing in Brazil or Australia, I've never managed to remain on top of a surfboard for over a sec or two, but I enjoy tremendously snorkeling and scuba diving instead.

Surfers at Barra da Lagoa, Florianopolis. Brazil
Surfers at Barra da Lagoa - © Daniel Moore

It occurs to me that the very fact of learning to flow with the waves- as opposed to fighting against them - expands to other fields of life and interaction, making it fun, relaxed, easy and thoroughly enjoyable.

Surfing in Brazil is apt to all skill ranges and it's also a very popular sport so you're likely to find crowded breaks at times.

The option is to get a car and find a quieter spot nearby.

If you consider that only around Florianópolis there are over 40 beaches to choose from, you're 1/2 an hour away from anywhere.

According to experts, waves in Brazil are characterized by their variety and consistency, being the month of April through October the top season for surfing in Brazil, with size of waves ranging from 2 to 10ft, or even more.

Fernando de Noronha is Brazil's top surfing destination - as well as one of the finest diving spots on earth - located right in front of the NE State of Pernambuco, some 220 miles off the coast. A one-hour flight from the cities of Recife or Natal.

Heading off to Mozambique beach, Florianopolis. Brazil
Heading off to Moçambique beach- © Daniel Moore

Fernando de Noronha's surfing season coincides with the island's peak summer season (December-March) so expect to find crowded surf, even though there is a limit of 420 visitors allowed at any one time.

Another famous surfing spot is Saquarema, around 100 km to the East of Rio de Janeiro.

Known as Brazil's surfing capital. Saquarema's Itaúna beach is the place where national professional competitions are held.

Apart from Itaúna, there is a stretch of around 18 miles of beaches with similar conditions, among others Barra Nova, Boqueirão and Jaconé.

But the ultimate Brazil surfing destination is Florianópolis (a.k.a. Floripa), in the Ilha do Santa Catarina, 700km away or 1.5 hours flying from Rio de Janeiro.
Floripa hosts South America's best waves so is a no-brainer destination for die-hard surfers from all over the world, including WCT and WQS pro surf tour events.

The list of Florianópolis beaches apt for surfing includes: Barra da Lagoa (for beginners), while Praia Mole, Praia do Forte, Galheta, Moçambique, Ingleses and Lagoinha do Leste are apt for all surfers.

Experienced surfers and pros would prefer Joaquina, Lambe Lambe, Matadeiro, Praia Brava, Santinho or Morro das Pedras.
In addition, driving along the coast of the State of Santa Catarina there are other superb beaches for surfing in Brazil, such as Praia Rosa, Praia da Silveira, Imbituba (Garopaba) and Guarda do Embaú.

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Right after the storm, Barra da Lagoa. Florianopolis. Brazil
Right after the storm © Daniel Moore


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