South America Vacations

by Adam Green
(New York. Ney York, US)

What are some South American sights I should see while there?


The number of South America attractions is almost endless Adam, so it all boils down to your budget and time availability, really.

For starters, South America includes twelve countries plus the overseas administration of French Guiana - please check South America facts for more info on this - so you're definitely not short of options in this regard.

Secondly, it all depends on your preferences as well.

- Do you favour deserts, jungles, islands, beaches, mountains or cities?

- Would you be travelling to a single country or more?

- Are you planning to take a sabbatical leave to explore South America or a couple of weeks for your vacation?

Without knowing anything of the above, it would be impossible to suggest an itinerary, however, we have put together a very concise list of ten places you shouldn't miss.

Please visit South America Vacations to see them all.

Granted, this list is very subjective but they certainly are some of the most impressive sights you could ever come across in South America.

Have a wonderful vacation and share your experiences with us when you come back!..

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