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Am I going to be safe in South America?..

This is a question that crops up very often in our website, thus South America travel wise was born, to address issues that will definitely help you to have both, a safe and pleasurable South America experience.

We aren't authorities by any standard, but after traveling South America and most of the world for over three decades - and counting - we have learnt a thing or two we'd like to share with you.

Carrying expensive Nikon and Leica gear through several continents for years makes you specially aware of the risks involved, so personal and property safety is considered below.

Is Europe safe? North America safe?...and how about Asia or Africa? Are they safe places to travel around? Very vague and broad question that take us nowhere.

The answer is both yes and not.

Your South America travel experience will be as safe as you want it to be.

It's a poverty stricken region, with a huge gap between rich and poor - a trend we increasingly see throughout the world nowadays, whether we talk about emergent economies or the so called first world countries.
Be aware of this fact, irrelevant of the continent you are traveling to.

Personal safety is a very flexible word, particularly when traveling abroad - away from the comfort zone of our home town, language and familiar faces - because it's our own acts and behavior the ones to determine the outcome of it.

Or at least in most cases.

Throughout the years, we have never been robbed, however, we've been through both, delicate and plain dangerous situations more than once.
Pay attention to the following South America travel wise tips and you will be on your way to enjoy a very unique (and safe) South America travel experience of your own.

South America Travel Wise:

That's all for South America travel wise tips for now. Feel free to bring your own tips to the table, we'll be more than happy to add your personal recollection of travel wise tips. Just contact us.

Travel safe, travel smart and above all...Enjoy it!

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