South America from Space...
A photo gallery that literally flies over it

Astronaut Dom Gorie prepares to use the Hasselblad camera to photograph Earth
Astronaut Dom Gorie prepares to photograph Earth

South America from Space is an Image Gallery of unique proportions and perspective destined to show you the indescribable beauty of South America from a different angle.

Glaciers, canyons, rivers, cities, mountains, volcanoes, shorelines, lakes and forests as seen through the eyes of Astronauts while they circumnavigate the Earth on their missions.

The South America from Space serie is composed of several photo galleries covering different countries in Souh America...

We will be gradually adding more and more images as information becomes available to the general public.
Feel free tu suggest or send your own images if you happen to have some and willing to share them here, at Unique South America Travel

All images of South America from Space shown in the following pages are courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center (

South America from Space:

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