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Welcome to South America answers, the place to find out about everything you always wanted to know about South America but were afraid to ask .

Jokes apart, feel free to post your travel question through the form below and you will get what you are looking for, whether because I personally answer it or other experienced travelers to the region will do.

I was born and raised in South America. It's my home and I return at least once a year, so you can be certain you will get the kind of info only an insider can provide you with.

The more you know the better your South America vacations will be.

We all know how hard sometimes is to find updated, reliable info, particularly regarding South America, let alone online information to be based on.

The list could go on and on and this is why this page it's been set up, simply to provide you with what you are looking for to the best of our knowledge

South America is a beautiful place to travel, one of the most unspoiled places on Earth and loaded with amazing sights, but not always easy to reach, particularly when moving off the beaten track.

So where in the whole wide world you will find all the info you need regarding South America if not at Unique South America Travel

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