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If so, begin by bookmarking this page, because what you will find here is the list of the top South America airports for each of the twelve South American countries and South American capitals, plus the overseas administration of French Guiana.

Whether coming from Europe or USA, you will land and depart from one of the following international airports.

We have tried to compile as much data as possible for each South America airport: its location, nearby city, government and airport tax when applicable and their own websites for further info.
By the way, some of them are not available in English but in the country's official language (i.e. Portuguese in Brazil).

We've also included a link to see the airport's map.
Yuo will need Google Earth installed in your computer for this, so go ahead and download the free edition of Google Earth maps by clicking here.

South America Airports:

Argentina flag

South America Airports: Argentina - Main Airports in Argentina.