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Let's face it, South America air travel it's never been on the cheap side and never will be, or so it seems, provably because it's just too far away from anywhere else.

I've flown to Buenos Aires (Argentina) from many different cities in the world for over three decades now.
Whether from San Francisco, New York, Miami, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Rome or Sydney, there isn't such a thing as cheap airfare to South America.

Or at least I couldn't find it so far.

There are, however, good deals to be found online (sometimes great ones as well) aided by specialized flight search engines that let us find and compare airfares through a good number of commercial airliners, including low-cost, such as Liligo for example.

By closing the deal as soon as you find it - particularly well in advance to the intended date of departure - will provide you with some extra cash to put on our South American vacations.

Who could complain about that?..Not me for sure.

However, irrelevant of distances and destinations- even when booking through low-cost airliners - there isn't such a thing as a flight for 50p, as noted in this hilarious video I'd like to share with you to brighten your day - or search - with a good laugh (the language used is not the most refined though)...

As you would provably do, I prefer to fly non-stop for my South America air travel if the price is right.
With long legs and a budget constrained to tourist class, I only try to shorten the pain and boredom as much as I can, aided by a book and a glass of malt for the ride.

Whether you're coming from US, Europe, Australia or Asia, you need to make yourself busy for at least twelve hours, even sixteen in some cases.
Not a small task if you can't sleep folded by two or three pieces like I do.

Does it sounds familiar?

My favorite flight search engine is Liligo. I use it every time I need to touch base with South America - which normally happens once a year - for at least a couple of month staying.

Based in Ireland, need to exchange the umbrella for swimwear very often. A much more entertaining way of getting soaked, wouldn't you say?
Can't compare rain with turquoise waters to dive in, can you?
Besides, when Europe is freezing cold and snowing, South America is booming, just don't want to miss that for the world.

Liligo gives you the chance to find and compare hundreds of travel websites at once so you don't need to spend hours searching every airline for affordable flights.
Once you find a suitable deal for your South America air travel, according to your needs and budget, you're directed to the actual site to book your flight.

Most importantly, you're not charged for this service, it's actually free because they make their money from advertising.
Not bad, isn't it?

Give it a try and see what do you think, it may work for you as much as it does for me.

South America air travel doesn't necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg, so take your time, do your homework and you're likely to find a discount airfare to South America, or at least at a very reasonable price.

If time is of no importance, you could choose to make a stopover or two along the way.
In most cases, it will be cheaper than flying direct, but it would involve some waiting time at the airports while changing planes and flights, that's for you to evaluate.

Enjoy your South America vacations to the fullest and when you're back, please take a minute and drop us a let us know how good your South America experience was before anyone else.

Or would you not?...


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