South America a peace-full area?..

by Dwayne
(Tennessee, USA)

I have noticed that all the current (since 9/11) issues of the world seem to have little or no effect on South America.

Maybe that isn't totally true but it just seems that the southern hemisphere is behind a veil or something.

Is that just my ignorance of issues or is there SOME truth to that?..
Maybe there is a good place for someone to retire in South America?..

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Nov 08, 2009
South America is overall a safe place to live..
by: Anonymous

In my humble opinion Dwayne South America is as safe as anywhere else in the world.

More than 9/11 issues - so felt in North America - South America is haunted by its own ghosts, product of widespread poverty: drug dealing, robbery, murders and the kind.

Is South America a good place to retire?..

Absolutely yes.
Common sense applies in all circumstances, of course.

You can find an unimaginable quality of life, unthinkable in the so called "first world", and for a fraction of the cost as well.

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