South America's Top Colonial Cities...
Spanish and Portuguese Architectural Heritage

Through South America's top colonial cities we aim at introducing you to some of the best and well preserved examples of colonial architecture left by the Spaniards and Portuguese after several centuries of colonialism, so if you love architecture and cultural tourism in general, the following list will be valuable when ready for a South America vacation.

From centuries-old churches, convents, monasteries and cathedrals, to enchanted villages with cobblestone streets dating back to XVII century, to entire colonial quarters and historic centres in major cities and capitals, the continent's architectural legacy is a delight to explore.

In some cases, the knowledge and expertise brought by the Europeans was further enriched with native aboriginal art and vision, creating a unique fusion or blend of architectural styles not seen anywhere else. This is the case of the Jesuit missions for instance. Before being expelled by a Royal Edict in 1767, the Jesuits left a number of missions scattered around South America, specifically in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay.

It shouldn't come as a surprise then, that many - if not all of the sights we'll review - are part of the World's Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. Jesuit missions will be treated separately, as they essentially are remnants instead of well preserved living quarters and monuments of all sorts. For the time being, let's concentrate on South America's top colonial cities...

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Arequipa. Peru
White City of Arequipa. Peru


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