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Casapueblo. Punta Ballenas, Uruguay
Casapueblo by Vince Alongi - CC BY 2.0

Home to provably the most popular tourist destination in Uruguay, "Punta" is one of South America's most glamorous resorts and easily one of the most expensives in the country, provably by 50% more.

The following Punta del Este Photo Gallery will try and introduce you to some of its most popular sights, several beaches, yatch harbor, fisherman wharf, seaside homes and other famous landmarks.

This tiny peninsula located in the Deparment of Maldonado offers two contrasting beaches, Playa Mansa (Quiet beach) facing the Rio de la Plata and Playa Brava (Rough Beach), on the Atlantic Ocean.

It is precisely at La Brava beach where "The Hand" sculpture is located - Parada 4 - creation of Chilean artist Mario Irrazábal in 1982, that has become the icon of the city itself and one of Uruguay's most recognizable landmarks.

Other atractive beaches are dotted at both sides of Punta del Este. Going east, Las Delicias and Pinares are beautiful but relatively quiet beaches. On the west side, Bikini and La Barra (Montoya Beach) are the party beaches where the jetset come to swim and sunbathe.

In fact, during peak season - end of December, January and February - Punta is teeming with big names from the international scene as well as Brazilian millionaires and high-society types from Buenos Aires, which motivated the city to be nicknamed "The St Tropez of South America".

The surroundings of Southern Punta del Este contain very nice places such as Portezuelo, Solanas and Punta Ballena (Whale Point), where Casapueblo, a majestic masterpiece made by Uruguayan sculpture Carlos Páez Vilaró may be appreciated.

Located 13 km away from Punta, Casapueblo can be compared with the houses of the Mediterranean coast of Santorini, Greece, comprised by thirteen floors with terraces constructed in whitewashed concrete and stucco that contains a museum, the artist's studio, an art gallery and a hotel.

Isla de los Lobos is another sight you wouldn't want to miss, it boasts large colonies of southern fur seals and sea lions - the largest colony in the Southern Hemisphere - and the tallest lighthouse in South America, built in 1858.

Punta del Este Photo Gallery

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