Portraits of Peru...
A journey through Peru's ethnic diversity...

Portraits of Peru is a photo introduction to Peru's ethnic diversity.

A unique combination, where the cultural legacy of the Incas blends in with the Spanish culture that came into play early in XVI century through the hands of Francisco Pizarro.
It was further enriched by the contribution of other cultures such as non-Hispanic Europeans, African slaves and East Asians as well.

Peru highlands is, for the most part, populated by American Indians who speak Quechua and farm the land pretty much in the same way as the Incas did.
Together with mestizo population, they conform the majority of Peru's population.

Through Portraits of Peru we will see some of this as well as inhabitants of Peru jungle, European descendants and the black population who settled in Chincha y Cañete ( in the flatlands to the North of Lima) after the emancipation of African slaves took place.

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Portraits of Peru:


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