Places to visit in Peru...
Top Seven Wonders (2008)

Kuelap Fortress. Peru
Kuelap Fortress - Morrissey

If you ever wondered about places to visit in Peru, that's over, somebody has done the selection for you.

Who did it?...

Peruvian citizens, after a national survey conducted by El Comercio newspaper in order to select the top seven wonders by popular vote.

In fact, in November 2007 twenty eight finalists were selected out of the initial three hundred and ninety four suggested places of interest.

The final round took place in March 2008, when the list of winners was announced, after a massive campaign that involved nine months and over 150 million votes in total.

So wonder no more, the following list should give a superb head start at the time of choosing places to visit in Peru...

Top Places to Visit in Peru:

Two big favorites didn't make it to the top seven by a small margin of votes: Lake Titicaca and Manu National Park. Machu Picchu - provably the most iconic tourist attraction in Peru - wasn't part of the contest due to the fact that it was elected as one of the New World's 7 Wonders in 2007, however, you should include it in the list of top places to visit in Peru.


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