Places to Visit in Chile...
The country's TOP 7 Wonders (2010)

Valle de la Luna. Atacama, Chile
Atacama Desert, Valley of the Moon © Tourist Promotion Corp. of Chile

If you ever wonder about places to visit in Chile, here is a great starting point to plan your vacation.

Certainly, for a country that has just about every imaginable landscape, from the eternal ice of the Southern region to the vast desert of the Big North, the list of attractions is almost endless and you may end up feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.

However, you don't have to worry about making decisions, Chilians themselves have done it for you and managed to select the top seven wonders the country has in store.

In August 2010, El Mercurio newspaper's Sunday Magazine invited readers to place their online vote out of a list of thirty sights and attractions previously selected by a panel of experts. After over 40,000 entries the list of winners was published in September 2010, so here we go, let's review the top...

Places to visit in Chile

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