Pizarro y Los Incas Part Two

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Atahualpa - Inca Emperor -aware or their presence since the first moment, didn't react, perhaps led by curiosity or by mistakenly taking them for Viracocha, the supreme god of the Incas.

Refer to Inti Raymi page to learn more about Incas cosmogony: Viracocha and Apu Inti (Sun god), a concept that lies in the heart of the Inca civilization.

Pizarro and his men continued their journey to Cajamarca, stronghold of the Inca Empire.
Pizarro arranged a meeting with Atahualpa that was proven to be an unwise decision for the Inca Emperor.

He was ambushed, kidnapped and most of his party killed.

This marked the beginning of a period of astonishing cruelty and brutality that characterized the Spanish Conquest of the New World throughout.

It also marked the end of the most important civilization in South America: Inca civilization...

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