Pizarro y Los Incas Part One

Pizarro y los Incas (Pizarro and the Incas) is a five-part documentary -narrated in Spanish - about the Spanish Conquest of Tawantinsuyo or Inca Empire.

A movie-like version produced by Discovery Channel - narrated in Spanish - that you will find both informative and entertaining at the same time, combined with excerpts of interviews to historians and archaeologists, such as leading Peruvian archaeologist Walter Alva, in charge of the ongoing excavations of Lord of Sipan (Señor de Sipan) in Peru.

You will have the chance to brush up on your Spanish skills and to better prepare for your next South America vacation.

Inca culture: viracocha
Inca Culture: Viracocha

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Pizarro y Los Incas - Part One (Pizarro and the Incas):

In the early 1500s, a group of mercenaries and adventurers set sail to the New World in search of power, glory and gold for both themselves and the Spanish Crown.
Francisco Pizarro, tired of looking after pigs - that was his job - in Extremadura (Spain), saw the opportunity to unleash his adventurous spirit and began the search for Eldorado....the legend of immense richness in gold and silver awaiting for him is South America.

He recruited 180 men and from Panama navigated to Tumbes, NE of Peru.
If there was something they all had in common, was only one word...GOLD.

Seven hundred years before, Tumbes was home to the Moche or Mochica culture and, in 1532 was already part of the Inca empire or Tawantinsuyo.
Without knowing, as soon as disembarking, they were already standing on the richest tomb ever discovered in the Americas: Lord of Sipan (Señor de Sipan)....

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