Peruvian Art Part Two...

Quinua Pottery Art. Ayacucho, Peru
Quinua Pottery Art - Daniel Moore

With Peruvian Art Part Two we complete the photo galleries dedicated to Artists and Master Craftmen of Peru.

This work, however, is far from being exhaustive on the subject matter, and we would like to invite you to submit your own pictures to help us grow Peruvian Art Part Two into number three, four and so on.

Send us Your Peruvian Art Pictures

B&W or Colour jpg files are OK., not bigger than 1MB each, please.

We will enhance and resize them to our standard 450x307 pixels size we use throughout the website.

At Unique South America Travel we don't sell images of any kind and you can rest assured your copyright will be respected and mentioned accordingly.

At present time we are working on a South American Art page.
The concept behind is to show a bigger and varied number of disciplines of the arts and crafts in South America, country by country.

Some kind of South American Art database where you will have the chance to both, to appreciate the work of selected artists in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, etc and the opportunity to contact them directly if you wish to buy their art.

For now, let's seat back and enjoy Peruvian Art Part Two...

Peruvian Art Part Two...


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