Peru Travel Royal Tour Two...
To the Heart of the Peruvian Jungle

In Peru Travel Royal Tour Two we travel to the jungle, to the city of Iquitos - department of Loreto - Peru's gateway to the Amazon river.
A city that experienced an incredible economical boom in 1880s, with the "rubber expansion" (gum tree exploitation), that had Manaus (Brazil) at its epicenter.

Back in those days, Iquitos had better communications with Europe -through the Amazon river - than with Lima. A period of extravaganza and surreal richness and pomposity that ended in 1910s for several reasons.
Rubber barons built sumptuous residences and brought entire theater companies from Paris to entertain themselves in the jungle.

Amazing Amazon...

If you love ecological tourism, bird watching and wish to have an intimate contact with nature and wildlife, this is your gateway to jungle lodges, parks and natural reservations such as Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve.

Sunset at Amazon River. Peruvian Amazon
Sunset at Amazon River - © PromPeru

We will continue the trip to the city of Natal and visit the Yahua (Yagua) community on the shores of Manón river.
Yahua indians survive mainly by agriculture, hunting and fishing. Its men are expert blowgun hunters as well as skilled craft workers.

Their traditional dress is a skirt made of chambira palm tree. Women wear skirts of red cotton.
They are friendly and welcoming...but always remember to ask permission for taking pictures or shooting video.

So let's watch Peru Travel Royal Tour Two and see friendly boa constrictors.
They are one of the most feared inhabitants of the jungle- can reach up to 20 feet in length.

Boa constrictors don't inject a victim with poisonous venom, just strangles its prey and swallows it whole. Then digests it over a period of three days or a week according to the size of prey...

Did you enjoy it?...we hope you did.
I'd rather stick to my good old scarf than a constrictor around my neck!

Next leg of the trip we visit Cuzco and Ollantaytambo, nothing less than the core of Tawantinsuyo (Inca empire)...

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