Peru Tourist Attractions: Huaraz

by Fred
(Charlotte, NC. US)

Travelling on a missions trip to Huaraz, Peru and then to the nearby mountains was a trip of many great first impressions.

Flew from Charlotte, NC to Lima, Peru. Then by bus to Huaraz.
This was a very interesting town of about 70,000. The people are very friendly and the scenery of the nearby mountains is breathtaking.

Accommodation and food are very good.
I was impressed by the town and how it was a variety of small shops that were very unique in their merchandise.

One store may sell hardware tools and cloths. No logic to the types of selections per store. However in the town you can find anything that you need.

They do have a good supply arm from other cities via the multiple buses that arrive. The people are a variety of nationalities with a strong Quechua influence.

After three days we loaded supplies and bibles that had been translated into Quechua language and hiked into the mountains.

We camped for 3 nights and visited and delivered the Gospel to numerous people in the mountain villages.

It was a trip of multiple culturals.

Lima - 13 million people, Huaruaz at 10,000 ft was a culture unto itself.

And then the Quechua mountain people who live off the animals and farming.
Living in mountains that reach 23,000 ft.
We gave out over 200 bibles and had people walk for days to find us once word spread.

How much we in America take for granted.

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