Peru, Suriname and Uruguay from Space...
Seen through the eyes of astronauts

Peru, Suriname and Uruguay are the last three countries not yet covered in this astronaut photography serie called South America from Space.

We will fly over Peru to visit some of its impressive Andean landmarks such as Cordillera Blanca, Cordillera Hayhuash, lake Titicaca, Paracas peninsula and two famous rivers: Ucayali and Marañón, considered to be headwaters of the Amazon river.

Also represented in this photo gallery are the two smallest countries in South America: Suriname and Uruguay.
Suriname - the smallest of all - is located in northern South America, between French Guiana and Guyana, with the southern border shared with Brazil.

Uruguay instead, in the southeastern part of South America, share borders with Brazil and very close to Argentina through Uruguay and rio de la Plata rivers.

For now, let's visit Peru, Suriname and Uruguay from space...

South America from Space:
Peru, Suriname and Uruguay
from Space

We hope you've enjoyed Peru, Suriname and Uruguay from Space.
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