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Magnificent Peru in Images!..

Peru Pictures aims at showing to you the best of Peru as seen through the viewfinder of native photographers.
Perhaps we should call it Visual Peru instead!...

Whichever name you like best, we will see here an all-embracing selection of images dedicated to both the beauty of Photography and wonders of Peru at the same time.

Peru seems to be the repository of the most ancient and mysterious cultures that inhabited South America for thousands of years now.
Mochicas, Chachapoyas, Paracas, Incas...and how many more have I forgotten to mention?...

Markawasi perhaps?...

Peru Pictures: Portrait of a Sihuas-Ancash boy
Portrait of a Sihuas-Ancash boy - Anibal Solimano

And how about the varied and distinctive cultures of the Sierra (highlands), Amazonia (jungle) and Coast that coexist in contemporary Peru?...

A unique country with very peculiar characteristics that here at Peru Pictures we will try to convey and explore photographically to your own pleasure.

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To mark the beginning of Peru Pictures I'd love to introduce you to Anibal Solimano, great Peruvian photographer and a personal friend of mine for at least eighteen years now.

His photographic career goes back to the early 1980s and since then he's collaborated with several of the biggest names in the photo/news world: UPI, REUTERS, GAMMA PRESSE, to mention but some.

Anibal is currently running a Photo Stock and Advertising Agency in Lima called D'MOCCA STUDIOS while cooperating with GETTY IMAGES, USA.

He is also a photographer with profound social concern.
At present, Anibal is organizing an exhibition of child portraits aiming at increasing public awareness regarding child malnutrition and its consequences in the future of all nations involved.

For all your photographic needs in Peru, contact Anibal Solimano directly:
Or through his Blog

Please Note:
All photographs shown here belong to the Copyright of Anibal and can not be reproduced without the author's consent.

Our paths crossed first in Lima and continued in Ayacucho, where we shared some pretty scary moments photographing in the streets, and a bottle or two of a dubious quality vodka named Krakoff that nevertheless served the purpose beautifully.
Back to Lima, we shared some excellent Peruvian cuisine and became fans of Krakoff, despite its limitations.

OK, enough chatter...let's go down to a visual exploration of Peru...

Peru Pictures:

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