Peru Highlands...
A photographic walk through
the sierra and its inhabitants

Scissors dance. Lucanas, Ayacucho. Peru
Scissors dance. Lucanas, Ayacucho - Anibal Solimano

Out of Peru's three distinct regions, highlands or sierra is the most rugged, inaccessible and provably the most beautiful in South America as well.

With massive peaks, deep canyons and superb archaeological sites, such as the city of the clouds: Machu Picchu (Inca culture), or the formidable Kuelap fortress (Chachapoyas culture), in the Northern highlands.

An area almost inaccessible- even by Peruvian standard- but full of charm and wild beauty that pays many times over the effort to get there.
Consider the ruins of Pachamachuco or Rio Aviseo national park, declared Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Cajamarca is another landmark, a city of historical importance.
It was there that Pizarro executed Inca Atahualpa, and marked the decline and ulterior end of Inca civilization.

The central highlands, with cities like Huancayo or Ayacucho and the many villages and towns scattered around, are places of incredible mountain scenery, ancient arts, festivities, dances and rites.

The majority of the population are of Indian or Mestizo origin, who speak Quechua and farm the Andean terraces (andenes) as the Incas did.

Let's watch the ceremonial dance of the scissors (danza de las tijeras) in Ayacucho...(with a short introduction in Spanish)...

The highlands preserve the spirit of Peru and the traditions of ancient civilizations who have left an indelible mark in the history of South America.

And talking about highlands, let's take the Huascaran - Peru's tallest mountain.

In the one-hundred mile stretch of the Cordillera Blanca, Huascaran peak reigns over a concentration of snow-capped mountains that makes Huascaran National Park Peru's foremost center for trekking and mountaineering, at different levels of expertise.

To learn more about Peru trekking download this booklet produced by the Corporation or Tourism Promotion of Peru (PromPeru).
It's called "Trekking and Mountaineering in Peru".
Download this PDF file here.

The following images of Peru Highlands are slices of life as they happen in the sierra today, captured in different time and circumstances by Peruvian photographer Anibal Solimano.
You can contact Anibal at: or through his web site:

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