Peru Capital: Lima City Hostel Review

I am a solo female traveller and decided to stay in Lima, Peru just for 2 days since I have heard it wasn´t very safe for a female to wonder around this city.

I heard of One Hostel during my trip to Machu Picchu and ABSOLUTE love the place, is a beautiful republican house, safe, clean and made me feel at home instantly.

I changed my travel plans and ended up staying for 3 weeks walking around the area, taking Spanish classes at the hostel and of course eating a lot of ceviche.

I highly recommend this place. ONE HOSTEL in Lima.


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I haven't personally stayed there but I absolute love Barranco. Used to go there a lot to one of those peñas criollas owned by a friend of mine.

What a wonderful way to experience Peruvian music!

By the way, visit to learn more about the different options for nightlife and entertainment this lovely district has to offer, as soon as you're ready to visit the capital of Peru.

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