Peru Attractions: Chavin de Huantar

by D
(Van Isle, BC)

Chavin de Huantar: Cabeza Clava (Nail-Head)-© PromPeru

Chavin de Huantar: Cabeza Clava (Nail-Head)-© PromPeru

The journey!..

Mine started in Tacna at 9:00 in the morning Thursday! It consisted of a 5 hour taxi ride to Arequipa, a short wait in the airport there, flight to Lima, quick stop at my apartment in Miraflores, another 3.5 hr taxi ride to Barranca to rendevous with friends, then the ascent into the Andes!

Destination - the mountain gem that is Huaraz!

We arrived at about 7:00am the following morning! Drunk and dizzy with red wine and altitude acclimatization symptoms!

We managed to find accomodations (we hadn't booked or made reservations and it was a long weekend!). That day was spent equally between resting and exploring and seeing what was available!

We came across a tour company that offered day tours to Chavin de Huantar and decided to go!
The road in was scary - hairpin switchbacks on gravel in a crowded bus driven by the grim reaper! But the scenery!! Spectacular!!

The temple - as are all things Inca: architecturally unbelievable!!

Most impressive in this temple for me was the aquaduct that shot water from an adjacent Mt to the temple center over a ravine spanning several hundred meters! The meals along the way were better than expected - snack and coca tea at stop one: 'la subida'.

Lunch in a small town near the temple. Simple but tasty and none of my party were made sick by it!

Great group of people were on our excursion and the tour guides while at the temple allowed lots of time to marvel, wander, and wonder!! I wish I could remember the name of the tour co. But I don't think you can go wrong with anything in Huaraz!!

The food and nightlife were great and all the hotels I saw were great. I lived in Peru for 3 years and saw a good portion of it!

And Huaraz will remain in my thoughts, and heart, like no place else!

Magic!... Benditos sean tus viajes!

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