Paraty Postcards..

With Paraty postcards we continue exploring the Historic Center of Paraty through images.
A visual journey to introduce you to the life of this absolutely beautiful XVII century village as it happens today.

This simple - but carefully designed village of two storey houses, streets, squares and churches by the sea - was able to be visually controlled by placing vigilant sentries in four strategic corners.

Back in the days of the gold rush in the mountains of Minas Gerais, Paraty was a very important port for shipping gold to Portugal via Rio de Janeiro, up to the point that a 1,200 km road was built to directly connect to the source, joining Paraty with Diamantina, Ouro Preto and Tiradentes.

All went business as usual for a while, but pirates were very active at the time, hiding in the tranquil waters and coves of Ilha Grande, ready to intercept gold-laden vessels on their way to Rio.
Eventually, an alternative overland road to Rio was created by the Portuguese empire to overcome pirate raids. This situation changed at the end of XVIII century, when the rich mines of Minas Gerais run out of gold, which also contributed to the decline of Paraty.

During XIX century the port-city had its revival, first because of the coffee trade and later by becoming a very important cachaça producer towards the end of it.
In fact, there are still some distilleries in the region, I had the chance to visit one of them, doing it the artisanal (old fashion) way: Engenho D'Ouro. Will show you some pictures shortly.

Cachaça is synonym of Brazil, a sugarcane-derived spirit, basis to prepare the world famous brazilian cocktail: Caipirinha.
By the way, visit brazilian drinks to learn how to prepare one.

After that, not much happened in Paraty until the 70s and 80s, when tourism started pouring into this frozen-in-time village in the Green Coast, pretty much unchanged for the last two and a half centuries or so, as far as architecture is concerned.

And this is what Paraty postcards is all about, a humble attempt to pay homage to its timeless beauty...

Paraty Postcards:

Art Gallery. Historic Center. Paraty, Brazil
Art Gallery at the Historic Center, Paraty - © Daniel Moore

Having a chat. Paraty, Brazil
An early morning chat - © Daniel Moore

Rua do Fogo. Paraty, Brazil
Rua do Fogo - © Daniel Moore

Capela de Nossa Senhora das Dores. Paraty, Brazil
Capela de Nossa Senhora das Dores - © Daniel Moore

Awaiting the wedding carriage. Paraty, Brazil
Awaiting the wedding carriage - © Daniel Moore

Bride and Groom. Paraty, Brazil
Bride and Groom - © Daniel Moore

Cakes and sweets vendor. Paraty, Brazil
Cakes and sweets vendor - © Daniel Moore

Umbrellas, bows and arrows. Paraty, Brazil
Umbrellas, bows and arrows - © Daniel Moore

Right after the rain. Paraty, Brazil
Right after the rain - © Daniel Moore

Armazem da Cachaca. Paraty, Brazil
Armazém da Cachaça - © Daniel Moore

Santa Rita Church. Paraty, Brazil
Santa Rita Church - © Daniel Moore

Casa do Frances. Paraty, Brazil
Casa do Françês - © Daniel Moore

Old cannon guarding the bay. Paraty, Brazil
Old cannon guarding the bay - © Daniel Moore

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