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Loaded with Nature and Guarani Traditions

Paraguay. Flying Hummingbird in the Paraguayan forest
Paraguay. Flying Hummingbird- © Graffisimo/Istockphoto

Experience Paraguay tourism and get to know one of South America's great wilderness areas.
Part of the Gran Chaco, the Paraguayan Chaco is another reservoir of dense forests, jungles and wildlife, together with Pantanal and the mighty Amazon rainforest.

If you love nature, these are outstanding destinations for your South America vacation.

Paraguay travel is definitely worth discovering.
A landlocked country surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, it boasts a handful of national parks and protected forests, breathtaking waterfalls - such as Monday and Iguazu falls - impressive Jesuit missions and plenty of Guarani indigenous traditions.

With a total territorial area of 406,752,000 square km (157,048,000 square miles), Paraguay river divides the country into two contrasting regions...

Here's some Paraguay facts and figures...

Paraguay Facts

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Capital: Asunción
Language: Spanish and Guaraní
Population: 6,158,000
Area: 406,752 square kilometers (157,048 square miles).
Currency: Guarani (PYG)
Exchange Rate: 1 Guarani (PYG) = 0.0001954 US Dollar (May 2009)
Religion: Roman Catholic
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Paraguay's Top Destinations:

Paraguay Map
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Your Paraguay tourism experience will most likely start in Asunción, its capital, located in the bay of Asuncion, an inlet of Paraguay river. With many parks and plazas to choose from, one of the best views of the city can be observed from Parque Carlos Antonio Lopez. Places to visit here include the Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Natural History.

Moving inland, sights not to be missed are the Salto Crystal falls, Monday falls and the fantastic Iguazu falls, in the border with Argentina and Brazil. Not far from Ciudad del Este, on the Paraná river, is the Itaipu Dam, largest hydroelectric complex in the world,

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Itaipu comes from the Guarani word, meaning "the sound of the stone". This gigantic water reservoir provides a unique ecosystem of wildlife and many opportunities to the sports oriented...

  • fishing
  • trekking

Other famous summer retreats for Paraguayans are Chololo (around 87 km from Asunción) and San Bernardino (47 km away), on the Ypacari lake.

If you love architecture, your Paraguay tourism circuit should include Yaguarón (some 48 km away), the historic village of Paraguarí, in the foothills of the Andes mountains, and San Lorenzo.

Paraguay. Asuncion at night
Paraguay. Asuncion at Night - © Alexander Steffer

The Paraguayan Chaco is a place not to be missed if you are nature and wildlife enthusiast. This region of mainly empty plains, swamps and forests covers more than 60% of the country and is the least populated as well, with less than 3% of the total.

Here we find Paraguay's most important national parks (eleven in total), such as...

...and the birdlife-packed protected forests of Nacunday and Mbaracayu, with 650 species of birds (as many as the entire United States).

Among mammals, with over 200 species, we find the "Tagua" or Chaco peccary, the largest and stockiest pig-like peccaries. It was thought to be extinct but found alive in the middle seventies.

Paraguay's World Heritage Sites:

Back in 16th. century Jesuits started a revolutionary project in the Spanish Americas: Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis indians, that lasted for about one century and a half, until they were expelled by a royal edict in 1767.

Missions (reducciones) were erected to catechize as well as to integrate the indigenous population by introducing them to most of the arts and trades of Europe. Remnants are found in Argentina (visit Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis and Jesuit Blocks and Estancias de Cordoba for more info), Bolivia and Brazil.

As a result, the Guaraníes left a formidable legacy of churches, religious sculptures and paintings. Out of the seven Jesuit missions found in Paraguay, two were listed as World Heritages Sites by UNESCO in 1993...

So when you make it to this end of the world, include Paraguay tourism in your journey, another very unique South America travel experience indeed...

Monday Waterfall. Paraguay.
Monday Waterfall, Paraguay, by ccarlstead - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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