Overseas Adventure Travel:
Nik Halik

When it comes to overseas adventure travel we all have our own ideas and expectations about it.

To some of us involves a quiet and contemplative journey to our dreamed destination, whether be a visit to Iguazu falls in Argentina, jungle trekking in the Amazon rainforest or an unforgettable cruise to Antarctica for instance.

To other means a more active approach or, shall we say adrenaline-pumping exercise, like bungee jumping in Ecuador or rafting formidable rivers such as Cotahuasi (Peru) or Futaleufú, in Chile.
There is also some of us with a rather peculiar vision regarding overseas adventure travel experiences and how to achieve them.

A good example of the latter is Australian born Nik Halik.

Nik Halik Astronaut
Nik Halik Astronaut

He has travelled and explored over one hundred countries and managed to conquer some extreme destinations such as having lunch on the Titanic (five miles deep in the Atlantic ocean) or sleeping in the sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.

In fact, some of Nik's achievements on overseas adventure travel to date include...

Who hasn't dreamed as a child to become an astronaut some day?..
Nik Halik didn't let go of his dreams, he turned them into goals and he is now a certified Astronaut prepared for bigger challenges.

Now, we all know that Space travel doesn't come low priced or ever has been, but that's not a problem for Nik as he is about to make real another of his lifetime goals: to rocket to outer space and reside on a space station.

That requires a healthy investment of 30 million in exchange.

"It is impossible to come back from one’s journey; there’s always someone else coming back."

His top project is to walk on the surface of the moon next, also achievable if willing to pay in the range of 100 million for the adventure.
A very expensive overseas travel destination indeed.

And of course, there is not guaranteed return, or refund policy in place either.

"I don't fear death, but I want to spend as much time here as possible," Nik said.

He has chosen to live life at its fullest, a life driven by passion, confidence and self esteem.
He has managed to override not only extreme overseas adventure travel destinations, but the hardest of all destinations to be conquered, himself.

Nik Halik
Nik Halik

A self-made multimillionaire, Nik believes life is about magic, not about the materialism.
As he explains.."you have to love what you're doing, you have to do it by choice, as oppossed to the necessity".

Nik Halik's best-selling book "Thrillionaire" reflects his vision.

He motivates people by sharing his knowledge so they too can experience the thrill of living without limits, and conquering overseas travel destinations of their own.

Furthermore, he has created a global community known as The Thrillionaires that you may want to explore and join.

So when it comes to overseas adventure travel, check what Nik has to say, as he knows a thing or two on achieving goals, whether a physical destination or living life at its fullest...


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