Otavalo Market, Ecuador

by Wendy

Otavalo Market Fruit Stand

Otavalo Market Fruit Stand

I absolutely LOVED my vacation in Ecuador. I regret not having enough time to see the Galapagos Islands this time around, but I'm already saving up in hopes of returning next year. There so much to explore and I'm hoping on my next visit I'll even get a chance to see Colombia and Peru.

South America is amazing. Trekking in the highlands was one of my favorite activities, but I have to say that the canoe expedition through the Amazon rainforest was the most memorable. The sights and sounds cannot be described with words and the wildlife is like nothing I've ever seen before! Unbelievable!

If you ever get a chance to travel to Ecuador you MUST visit the Otavalo Market. It's famous and not far from Quito (about two hours). I believe is is one of the biggest of its kind in South America and definitely a great way to experience the culture of Ecuador. You'll get to interact with locals, share their food and even buy their textiles and handcrafts to bring back home with you.

Tip: Instead of going just for a day, spend a few days there and explore the market in the early morning hours, before it gets too crowded. So fun!

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