Old trick, new style!

by Bill
(Ontario, Canada)

This, in my opinion, is historically justified!

This latest Ecuador situation it was a creation, was not casual, it was needed by Correa and the left to justify the quick and total radicalization of his revolution.

The intelligence body of the left at work!

I feel bad for the decent and hard working people of Ecuador but they are on the path of their destruction.


Hello Bill,
If you refer to the latest attempt in Ecuador to overthrow a democratically elected president - such as President Rafael Correa - we couldn't disagree more.

At Unique South America Travel Experience.com we believe in democracy and the tools provided by the Constitution, to produce changes in any given society.
In other words, we do not support another coup d'etat, irrelevant the political orientation of the parties involved.

Since the early 70s, South American people have seen and suffered the devastating effects of such practices in terms of human lives and loss of civil liberties.

Only in Argentina, 30,000 people went dead or "missing" as a consequence and hundreds of thousands fled the country seeking asylum as political refugees.

Chile went through something similar, as much as other countries in Latinamerica.
A recent example -last year - is Honduras.

South America doesn't need another dirty war.

We support civil rights, democratic values and international law.

Unfortunately, some countries don't think the same, and go around with total disregard, in pursuit of their own economical and political benefit.

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