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Praia dos Naufragados

Praia dos Naufragados. Florianopolis, Brazil
Praia dos Naufragados. Florianopolis - © Juan J.Vargas

Naufragados is one of the most secluded - and beautiful - of all Florianópolis beaches, located in the southernmost tip of Ilha do Santa Catarina, 43 km away from Floripa.

Just to reach it is an adventure. Driving south of Riberão da Ilha for about 4 or 5 miles until Caieira da Barra do Sul, where you leave your car and find the trail (trilha) that would take you to the beach.

That's the only way, or a boat from Caieira beach.

It's a lovely trek (about 45 minutes or 4 km) of moderate difficulty through the Mata Atlantica, the typical vegetation of tropical Floripa.

Naufragados is nature at its purest.

Little developed, unspoiled and pristine, it's a strech of sand less than a mile in length ideal for sunbathing, swimming, fishing, camping and surfing.
However, due to its strong currents, it's recommended for experienced surfers only.

By the way, it's advisable to bring your own water and food for the day and - most importantly - bring back your own rubbish and dispose it properly to help preserve the environment.

Praia dos Naufragados means Beach of the Shipwrecked - in Portuguese, Naufragados is the word for castaways.
Back in 1753, a group of sailors found refuge on the beach, when two Portugues ships (Brazil was a Portuguese colony until 1822) heading off to Rio Grande do Sul, ran aground during a storm.

A lighthouse was built towards de end of XIX century and inaugurated in 1861. Today in ruins, it provides a superb view of the beach and Araçatuba.
Araçatuba island is located right in front of Praia dos Naufragados. It hosts the Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Araçatuba Fort, built in 1744.

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Trekking at Praia dos Naufragados. Florianopolis, Brazil
Trekking at Naufragados. Florianopolis - © Juan J.Vargas

Naufragados is a superb break from the northern, more developed Florianópolis beaches like Canasvieiras, Ingleses, Cachoiera do Bom Jesus or Jurere.

The southern part of the island, is less inhabited and beaches provably harder to get but it will provide you with exuberant nature, tropical scenery and a pristine environment, making Floripa one of the top places to visit in Brazil.

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