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Fruitstand. Montevideo, Uruguay
Fruitsand, Montevideo by Vince Alongi - CC BY 2.0

Nation's capital and largest city in Uruguay - 1.5 million - Montevideo is one of the coolest cities in South America, renowned for its architecture, spruced-up old quarters and a vibrant, rich cultural life.

It was founded in 1726 by Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, governor of Buenos Aires, to counteract the Portuguese advance into the area from Brazil.

In 1828, Montevideo became the capital of an independent Uruguay, officially born under the name of República Oriental del Uruguay.

For much of its early history, the city consisted of what is now known as the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), still noted for its narrow streets and mix of elegant colonial and art deco architecture, influenced by Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and British immigrants.

Today it has an area of 530 square kilometres (200 sq mi) and extends 20 kilometres (12 mi) from west to east, being the southernmost cosmopolitan capital city in the Americas and third most southerly in the world. Located on the northern bank of the Rio de la Plata (River Plate), it lies almost directly across the river from Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital.

This eclectic place, former trans-Atlantica slave port, mainly populated by Spanish and Italian descendants, it's also home to a very vibrant Afro-Uruguayan community, that comes to the very fore when Montevideo carnival takes place from middle January to March every year, making it the longest of its type in the world - over 40 days.

Through Montevideo Photo Gallery we attempt to bring you some visual insight about what to expect when you get there, splits seconds frozen in time showing you some of the many faces of Montevideo, day or dusk.

It doesn't pretend to be a photographic record of all Montevideo attractions, it only aspires to share some magical moments that would hopefully spark your imagination, away from the cold, somehow indifferent approach of the traditional travel pic that fails to transpire life because it only concentrates in places.

Montevideo Photo Gallery

The following set of images is part of Vince Alongi's work, read about his background here and visit his website to learn more about his life and work.

In his own words..."All of my work, otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons license. When using it, you must attribute the work. The work may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. All copyrights retained by the author". Images in this set belong to CC BY 2.0.

Please contact Vince if you intend to show his imagery for reasons other than specified. For any other questions or suggestions you may have, don't hesitate to contact us, we listen to what you have to say...


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