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Argentina's foremost seaside resort

Lobo. mar del Plata Promenade
Mar del Plata Promenade by Arqpulti - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Mar del Plata, or "Mardel", as it's popularly known in Argentina, is the first and foremost summer destination on the Atlantic coast, big time rival of Punta del Este, Uruguay.

It has all one can ask for: from swimming, surfing, horseback riding, ecological tours, aquiariums and theme parks, to the vibrant nightlife of the summer month.

Mar del Plata hosts a varied number of conventions, fashions shows, the Valencian falla week, and the National Sea Festivity (January), that culminates with the coronation of the Sea Queen and her princesess.

It's home to two international film festivals...

And let's not forget the Sea Star Awards (Premios Estrella de Mar), for the best shows in the season, and the National Fishermen Festival.

It has 17 km of beaches and the most visited are...

You will never get bored there, particularely in the evenings. There are many different options to enjoy nightlife in the city..

If you are seafood lover as we are, go to the Port.
It's home to the best fresh fish and seafood you can think of.

The city was founded in 1874 by Patricio Peralta Ramos. The famous Hotel Bristol opened its doors in 1888 and soon became th exclusive choice for wealthy and aristocratic families. This elite, that travelled regularly to Europe for their summer vaction, turned to Mar del Plata when the outbreak of war made the Atlantic cruise an unnecessary and little exhilarating endeavor.

It was Victoria Ocampo, writer and founder of the magazine Sur, who put Mar del Plata in the cultural map. She invited famous writes from all over the world to her summer house. You can visit her house/museum in the wealthy suburb of Los Troncos. In the 40s and 50s, the populist government of Peron, made the city accessible to the middle and working class.

So if you come to Argentina in summer (December to March), don't forget your swimsuit and sunblock lotion, because the location you know it already... Mar del Plata, the Pearl of the Atlantic...

Mar del Plata at dusk
Mar del Plata Promenade by Daniel John Buchanan - CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

How to Get There

By Train: From Buenos Aires, Argentina, go to Constitucion Train Station. It takes about 5 hours.

By Road: Take Route 2
By Air

From Buenos Aires's Aeroparque is a half an hour flight to Astor Piazzola Intln Airport. Please visit Argentina airports to learn more about airports in Buenos Aires.

Where to Stay

There are countless options for lodging, for all budgets and needs.
Find and compare best hotel rates in the city.

Book budget accommodation in Mar del Plata.

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