Manu National Park...
The ultimate wildlife experience

Manu National Park is the journey of a lifetime...

Peruvian Amazon accounts for 10% of the total Amazon rainforest - an area of abut 2.7 million square miles (7 million square kilometers).

Manu Biosphere Reserve - national park since 1973 - covers an area of nearly 2 million hectares (5 million acres) in the departments of Cuzco and Madre de Dios- provinces of Manu and Pacaurtambo, Peru.

It's composed of three parts...

Caiman at Manu National Park. Peru
Caiman at Manu National Park- A. Balaguer / PromPeru

It offers the highest bird, mammal and plant diversity on any park on the planet...

Scientists estimate that near 12,000 to 15,000 animal species remain to be identified.

It's also home to several ancient native tribes such as Machiguenga, Mashco Piros, Amahuacas, Wachipaeri and Kungapakora, among others.

Spanish conquerors hardly ventured to the jungle, so the region went unnoticed till late 1800s, when South America was hit by the "rubber boom".
Manu, with its rich bounty of rubber trees became the perfect provider to this flourishing industry. This period ended in the 1910s due to several reasons.
Please visit Manaus page for more info on the subject.

Demand for rubber trees increased dramatically after 1839, when Charles Goodyear produced the first commercially viable heat-resistant rubber.

Another cornerstone was provided by "Fitzcarraldo" (Carlos Fitzgerarld), who opened an accessible route to the Madre de Dios river - through "Fitzgerald Pass" - between Upper Machagua and Upper Manu.

Remember Werner Herzog's film "Fitzcarraldo" (1982), with Klaus Kinski?

Otorongo or Jaguar. Manu National park, Peru
Otorongo or Jaguar - A. Solimano / PromPeru

To reach Manu Nationa Park is expensive and provably out or reach for many travellers - consider no less than 600 dollars per person for 5 or 6 days trip - but you will have the most intense wildlife experience in your life.

Cuzco is the gateway to Manu and your best bet is to book through travel companies authorized to operate in the area.
Shop around.
Best time to travel is during dry season: May to October.

For a superb experience, travel to Manu National Park by land...

It's a 10-12 hours bus ride. Then continue by boat to Boca Manu (8 hours) and then to Manu Park (8 hours).

By air instead, you will fly Cuzco - Puerto Maldonado (40 minutes) and Boca Manu (30 minutes).
Continue by boat to Manu National Park.
Please be flexible and expect flight delays or cancellations due to poor weather.
Allow 2-3 days delay on your return date to Cuzco.

Just remember that you are travelling to a remote area where only nature reigns.

Macaw at the Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Macaw- Embratur

To help you plan your travel to Peru, here is a list of items to include in your backpack or travel bag...

Have a fantastic jungle experience at Manu National Park!..

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How to get to Cuzco:

By Air:

From Lima is about 1 hour flight.
You could also fly from Arequipa and Puno.

By Bus:

From Lima to Arequipa following the Pan-American Highway, about 1660 km.
Also through the highlands by Nazca and Abancay.

By Train:

From Arequipa and Puno.

Where to Stay:

Book budget accommodation in Manu National Park and Cuzco.

If you'd rather prefer a higher level of comfort, find and compare best hotels rates in Cusco and Puerto Maldonado.


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