The Brazilian Golden Coast at its best

Maceio. Brazil
Aerial View of Maceio - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

Maceio is the capital of the State of Alagoas, one of the nine States that form the Brazilian Norhteast.

It is one of the most enchanting and folkloric of Brazil, also the smallest: 27,331 square km (10,707 square miles).

The Nordeast of Brazil is an area that stretches along the Atlantic Ocean with over 3,200 km (2,000 miles) of virtually uninterrupted white sand beaches and sun as an integral part of the landscape.

Emerald-green waters, coral reefs, lagoons, coconut palms and mangroves are also ingredients of this magic potion that makes Brazil beaches famous all over the world.

Entertainment, leisure an fun have no starting or finishing time either....they have been there forever...

You will love the Brazilian Golden coast

Maceio is a narrow strip of land between Mandaù lake and the Atlantic Ocean.
It's a name of Tupi Indian origin, MAÇAYO or MAÇAI-O-K which means something like "that which covers the marsh".
The city began in an old sugar mill and plantation complex round the 19th century.

Maceiò's sea has plenty of natural pools and reefs just off the coast, ideal for swimming and snorkeling or just enjoying a drink in one of the floating bars. A short ride if you take a raft (jangada) that depart from Pajuçara Beach.

Brazil Travel: Coconut palms at Maceio beach
Coconut palms - © Christian Knepper/Embratur

And you have plenty of beaches to choose from...

  • Jatiuca
  • Pajuçara
  • Ponta Verde
  • Pontal da Barra
  • Sobral
  • Sete coqueiros

North Coast:
  • Barra de Santo Antònio
  • Carro Quebrado beach
  • Croa Island
  • Tabuba beach
  • Jacarecica
  • Cruz das Almas

If you love surfing, Jacarecica and Cruz das Almas are going to be your favorite destinations.

South Coast:

Gunga beach it's been voted one of the ten most beautiful Brazil beaches.

Maceió has a charming Colonial architecture. Among the most remarkable...

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Pleasures
  • Deodoro Theater
  • Historical Institute Museum
  • Floriano Peixoto Palace
  • Municipal Market

In addition, the city is famous for its arts, crafts - particularly laces. In fact, Pontal do Barra is the place to see artisans and lace makers creating articles in fillet, bobbin, labyrinth and renascence lace.

Please don't miss the superb cuisine Maceió is famous for. Shrimps, crabs, lobsters and, of course, Sururu (kind of mussel) are part of the superb Brazilian cuisine all the way down to Florianopolis.

If we could give you a piece of advice, check the date of your return ticket every now and then, because something could happen to you....You may be tempted to stay there forever!...

How to Get There:

By Air:
You'll get to Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport. Check airports in Brazil for more info on this and other major landing spots in Brazil.

By Road:
Connected through BR-104 and 101, that links all the coastal strip.
Distance to Recife: 255 km.

Where to Stay:

Maceio hotels are abundant, find and compare best hotel rates here.

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