Lord of Sipan...
King Tutankhamen of the Americas...

Peru Travel: Jewel of Sipan
Jewel of Sipan - © PromPeru

Lord of Sipan (Señor de Sipan) died around 1770 years ago.

The grand lord of Moche civilization - one of Peru's most important pre-Hispanic civilizations - was a warrior, half god, half man, a noble.

A lord over the lords of his time.
He lived for about 40 years and was 1.67 meters (5.5 ft.) tall.

He was buried in a wooden sarcophagus - the first in the Americas - with his head pointing south, his nose and ears covered with gold relics and his feet clad in silver, surrounded by a profusion of objects in cooper, spondylus shells and semi-precious stones.

By his side were the skeletons of two young women, a llama and a dog. At his feet, the skeleton of a young warrior with a golden shield.
His dead was carbon-dated to 290 AD.

This incredible archaeological discovery - considered to be the greatest ever made in the Western Hemisphere - was revealed to the world in 1987, by a small group of Peruvian archaeologists led by Dr. Walter Alva.

The place is known as Waca Rajada - Split "Huaca" (Adobe mound), in Peru's north coast, department of Lambayeque, 35 km. SE of the city of Chiclayo.

But his tomb occupied only one of the three burial pyramids. In 1989, Alva and his team unearthed two more, of a Priest and of Old Lord of Sipan.
The Old Lord's burial was very rich and much older tha the "Young" Lord of Sipan.
Later, in 1998, a new tomb almost as rich was revealed in the area, and excavation work is still taking place.

Who knows?...
We might as well be in front of a whole new Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Peru Travel: Lord of Sipan
Lord of Sipan - © A. Solimano / PromPeru

The collection toured the word for several years, until 2002, when the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum opened in the city of Lambayeque, to provide adequate housing for the remains a treasures of Lord of Sipan.
This museum, one of the most important in the Americas, is considered to be the "Museum of 21st. century".

The building is of three levels, starting at the third, with access via a ramp 74 meters long (242 ft.), similar to those used at Moche temples in ancient history. Let's take a quick tour (in Spanish) to Huaca Rajada and the Royal Tomb of Sipan...

So if you love archaeology, head north to the Chiclayo area in your next visit to Peru, as it provably is - after Cuzco - the most important archaeological destination in South America...

How to Get There:

By Air:

- From Lima to Chiclayo: 1 hour flight.
- From Trujillo: 15 minutes flight.


From Chiclayo to Huaca Rajada travel 35 km. SE and then head north for 15km. to reach Lambayeque and the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum.

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