Joao Pessoa...
Where the sun rises first than anywhere else

 Joao Pessoa Handicraft. Paraiba State
Joa Pessoa Handicraft, Paraiba State - © Embratur

Joao Pessoa (Brazil), capital of the state of Paraiba, is literally the place where the sun rises first.

Ponta do Seixas, some 14 km away from downtown, is the easternmost point of the American Continent-only three hours time difference with UK.

In addition, according to a 1992 United Nations survey, is one of the cities with the highest green area per inhabitant in the world-700 ha. of forested land.

As a matter of fact, it comes second. Paris, France, holds the first place.

Two huge green areas illustrate the point...

A tradition that you shouldn't miss when you get there is to watch a sunset at Jacare beach to the sound of Ravel's Bolero performed by a sax player.

And talking about beaches, here are some of the most famous...

  • Jacare
  • Jacuma
  • Coquerinhos
  • Tambaba
  • Tabatinga
  • Tambau
  • Cabo Branco
  • Manaira
  • Praia da Penha

Please don't forget to visit Areia Vermelha island and the natural ponds of Picaozinho.

So what can you do there to delight yourself?...

Well...beautiful beaches with white sand bathed by a turquoise blue sea seems to be a good enough incentive, wouldn't you say?...

  • swimming
  • snorkelling
  • scuba diving
  • sailing
  • windsurfing
  • night sky diving
  • kite gliding
  • 4x4 excursions
  • beach buggy rides
  • boat strolls

You won't get bored there even if you try!...

Brazil Travel: Joao Pessoa, Areia Vermelha Island
Areia Vermelha Island - © Embratur

Joao Pessoa is a city filled with Brazilian culture and charm, with the unique blend of Indian, Portuguese, African and Dutch elements that characterizes the Brazilian NE.

Even though, the African share is not as pronounced as you will see in Salvador do Bahia for instance.

It is also the 3rd. oldest city in Brazil- founded in 1585. It has a rich architectonic patrimony of baroque style and nowhere is so evident than at..

Both dating back to 17th. century.

But your visit to historic Joao Pessoa it doesn't finish there...

  • Church of NS da Guia
  • Church NS do Carmo
  • Palacio da Redenção (Redemption's Palace). 1586.
  • Santa Rosa Theater
  • Santa Catarina fortress in Cabedelo town, with cannons more than four centuries old.

And if you have the time, don't miss a trip to the sertão in neighboring Ceara state. BR-232 will take you to Campina Grande, Patos and the pilgrim town of Juazeiro do Norte. Five hours west of Campina Grande you'll find Vale dos Dinosauras (Dinosaur Valley), where various pre-historic reptiles left their footprints preserved in stone.

How many millions of years it took to convert the swamp and jungle of one time into the semi-arid landscape of today?..

How to Get There:

By Air:
Joao Pessoa has an international airport: Presidente Castro Pinto. Otherwise, you can fly to Recife'Guararapes Intl. Airport, Brazil, around 120 km. away.
Visit airports in Brazil for more info and maps.

By Road:
From Fortaleza, Brazil, through BR-116 and then BR-230

Where to Stay:

For budget accommodation, Book a hostel here.
Alternatively, find and compare best hotel prices in the city.

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