Jesuit Block and Estancias de Cordoba..
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Jesuit Church in Alta Gracia. Cordoba

In the heart of the city of Cordoba, in Cordoba province, Argentina, lies the remnant of one of the most successful ever social and economical projects carried over by "Compaņia de Jesus" (Society of Jesus) in the Spanish Americas.

Its founder, Saint Ignatius Loyola (born in 1491), had a mission: youth education and evangelization in the New World.

This legacy, that is part of the World Heritage List by UNESCO, includes...

Jesuit Block.Cordoba. Argentina
Jesuit Block. Cordoba - Š Secretariat of T. Buenos Aires

In Fact, the Order created its own means of subsistence by building or acquiring six ranches...

They were self contained and had many facilities that included...

This unique religious, social and economical experiment took place between 17h. and 18th. centuries.
If you an Art and History lover, we strongly recommend to travel the Circuit of the Jesuit Block and Estancias de Cordoba while in this province of Argentina...

To learn more about Jesuit achievements in the Americas visit Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis.

What Jesuits achieved was not only a place to worship but also and intellectual and cultural center that formed doctors and lawyers.They made an important contribution to science, technology and the arts of that time.

People came from remote places looking for science and knowledge.

This attempt came to an end in April 1767, when King Charles III signed the decree that expelled the "Compaņia de Jesus" from the Spanish Americas.

How to Get There:

Pajas Blancas airport outside the city of Cordoba receives flights from just about anywhere in Argentina, plus Latin American countries.
Visit Argentina airports for more information on airlines and airports.

You can also travel to Cordoba with a regular bus service from Buenos Aires (Retiro Bus Station) as well as from any main city in Argentina.

Where to Stay:

The city of Cordoba caters to all budgets. find and compare best hotel rates in Cordoba.

Alternatively, Book budget accommodation in Cordoba.

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