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Formerly a fishing village, Japariz Beach (Praia do Japariz) has grown into a gastronomic pole in Ilha Grande. This tiny beach, loaded with several restaurants is the lunch stopover (optional) for many schooner rides visiting that part of the island.

Particularly busy during summer month, all excursions on their way to Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul, Freguesía de Santana, Saco do Ceu, Aripeba and other beaches and snorkeling spots will stop for about an hour to endulge with delicious fish and sea food dishes before returning to Abraao.

On little side trip you could do while there is to visit Praia do Funil, located at just few minutes away. This very tiny beach of about ten meters of extension, has calm, crystalline waters that make it look like a lagoon. It is hidden from mainstream navigation due to its location at the end of a natural corridor surrounded by thick vegetation....simply wonderful!

Due to its proximity to the continent, it's at Japariz beach where the submarine cable providing electricy to the whola island has its terminal.

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Japariz Beach:

Arriving at Japariz beach. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Arriving at Japariz Beach - © Daniel Moore

Lunchtime. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Lunchtime - © Daniel Moore

Having a stroll after lunch. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Having a stoll after lunch - © Daniel Moore

Meeting point at Japariz. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Meeting point at Japariz - © Daniel Moore

On the way to Saco do Ceu. Ilha Grande, Brazil
On the way to Saco do Ceu - © Daniel Moore

Good times at Japariz beach. Ilha Grande, Brazil
Good times at Japariz Beach - © Daniel Moore

The calm waters of Japariz. Ilha Grande, Brazil
The calm waters of Japariz - © Daniel Moore

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